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    • Roman Leue auf 29. Februar 2020 bei 17:25
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    A little error happened:
    “ … to the child it’s it’s coping from then on … “
    There are never two it´s – the second is always an adjective from his, hers, its … 
    So the correct sentence is:
    “ … to the child it’s its coping from then on … “
    Glad to help get Kate´s text clean.
    I ever loved her, the perfect dance performance, super voice, from my early school years, high school, university of applied sciences, up to now, being in my 65th year (as in april, 27th, 2020).
    Thus, I also love your perfect, informative words about one of the greatest singers we´re blessed to have.
    Greetings from beautiful Northern Germany, Kiel

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